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I write about firearms, training, and responsible culture

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Eagle Gun Range Blog

Concealed-Carry Matters: Home Training Kit for Dry-Fire

While there are all sorts of kit you might get for your training, the things I believe are good home-training components for everyday carry, in order of importance, include…

Eagle Gun Range Blog

Automatic, Animated Targets at Eagle Gun Range

The Farmer’s Branch location of Eagle Gun Range has a target system that can greatly broaden your training and your fun…

Condition: Yellow

Pistol Drill: Two at 20 Yards from “Hostage” Position

This is a simple drill that works from a prone, “hostage” position. Moving quickly to cover, clearing garments, and getting the gun up and putting critical hits…


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I handle firearms every day and train with firearms every week
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Practical Training24 Days


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Precision Training32 Days


Rounds fired in 2018


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I am a UX designer for web applications and publication websites
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I created The Academy of Design Professionals and composed and edited the Code of Professional Conduct as a moral alternative to other organizations' codes of conduct.

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I maintain, uphold, and adhere to the highest uncompromising standards of professionalism and integrity, as defined in the Academy of Design Professionals Code of Professional Conduct.


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