AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER, I rode out to the start of the group ride this morning in the rain. No one was there when I got there so I waited in the rain. Start time came and went and no one showed, AMOXICILLIN schedule, so I headed out to see if anyone else would show at the various pick-up points along the route. Purchase AMOXICILLIN online, Not a single soul was waiting. So I did the "group ride" route alone. In the rain, AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER.

I mean, no prescription AMOXICILLIN online, I don't know what was not to like: it was 55F degrees, Discount AMOXICILLIN, the wind was blowing 20 mph with higher gusts, and like I mentioned; it was raining the whole time. Perfect day for a training ride, ordering AMOXICILLIN online.

Being alone and all (didn't even see another cyclist the whole time I was out) gave me time and solitude to reflect on the details…I mean joys of training in the rain. AMOXICILLIN pics, On the surface, it may appear that training in the wind and rain is pretty much the same as training in the wind (no rain). AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER, But appearances can be deceiving. Let me explain, AMOXICILLIN pharmacy.


Just as with any other training ride of more than 1 hour, AMOXICILLIN trusted pharmacy reviews, you've got to eat and drink while training in the rain for more than 1 hour. I typically take in 200 calories/hr, either from sandwiches or gels or a combo during the ride, buy cheap AMOXICILLIN no rx. Eating with rain is pretty much the same as without. Drinking, however, is a bit different, AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER. Is AMOXICILLIN addictive, In the rain, road grime is constantly being thrown up onto you, your bike, AMOXICILLIN from mexico, and anything attached to you or your bike. AMOXICILLIN brand name, This includes your water bottles.

One of the neat things about drinking from your bottles in the rain is that your intake is augmented by all sorts of new and seldom-ingested nutrients. These nutrients are found in the road grime that encrusts your bottle spout…the part you put into your mouth every few minutes, rx free AMOXICILLIN. AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER, I'm not sure what nutritional value or benefits can be found in road grime, but one thing is certain: it is damn gritty and tastes like ass.

Because of the grit and ass-taste, AMOXICILLIN australia, uk, us, usa, I typically attempt some sort of spout wipe maneuver (SWM) before taking a sip each time. The most accessible and "clean" spot is on my jersey under my arm. This is where I start out with the SWM, is AMOXICILLIN safe, anyway. AMOXICILLIN from canada, I'm pretty sure that my underarm area is not what we'd call a sanitary option to road grime, but at least it's not gritty. The thing about using a single location for your SWM is that after about 3 times, that area is now just as encrusted with sand and grime as the bottle spout is, AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER. So quickly you're faced with diminishing returns, AMOXICILLIN from canadian pharmacy. Other locations for the SWM are soon needed. Buy AMOXICILLIN without a prescription, Improvise. Good luck with that. AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER, Anyway, bottle sips in the mid to latter portions of your ride are invariably accompanied by one or two forceful spits as you work to clear your lips, teeth, tongue, and gums of gritty road grime. Don't worry about what you're losing in those spits; surely though the road grime is purged, AMOXICILLIN photos, the road "nutrients" stay behind. Effects of AMOXICILLIN, The appearance of you wiping your bottle spout on various locations of your anatomy and the occasional eruption of clear or sports-drink-colored mist must to onlookers be pretty hilarious. So it's win-win.

Apparel & Comfort

When you're training in the rain, australia, uk, us, usa, especially in the wind and cold and rain, AMOXICILLIN treatment, comfort takes a backseat to…well, discomfort. I typically opt for arm warmers when training in the rain, AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER. Some cyclists go with the addition of leggings, online buy AMOXICILLIN without a prescription, but I hate to wear long tights on the bike and opt to display my legs' glorious nakedness. Online buying AMOXICILLIN, Whatever you end up wearing, though, know it will within minutes be entirely soaked and, where can i order AMOXICILLIN without prescription, by the end of your ride, Purchase AMOXICILLIN for sale, covered in road grime (PRO tip: don't wear your white bib-shorts and best jersey).

For me, the worst part of rain-training discomfort is the sloshy, ordering AMOXICILLIN online, water-bucket-like sensation from my shoes and the constant squish/suck feeling that embraces my feet throughout the ride. Generic AMOXICILLIN, But you gotta deal with it. AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER, There is no escaping the sensation so you might as well pretend that it feels good…like walking in wet sand on the beach. Yeah, just like that and not at all like continually stepping in cold, AMOXICILLIN wiki, wet dog poop or the unwholesome mud on the edge of a fetid, Where can i buy cheapest AMOXICILLIN online, slimy pond.

After riding for a while in the rain, you'll likely note the different feeling coming from your chamois area, AMOXICILLIN street price. Each time you stand up to pedal and then sit back on the saddle, Buy AMOXICILLIN without prescription, there's a telltale squish and that unfamiliar feeling. Over the next couple hours of your ride, that feeling will become very familiar, AMOXICILLIN dose. Again, it may help to pretend the feeling is from something else, AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER. Pretend you're sitting on the side of a swimming pool…or doing something else where a squish on your anus is pleasant and not at all icky. AMOXICILLIN images, Yeah, I have no suggestions here.

When you get back home after your ride and if you've left your legs bare, AMOXICILLIN use, you'll have the most magnificent cyclist's tan. Before showering, admire yourself in the mirror and note the beautifully razor-sharp lines (especially at the sock line). AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER, Note how it's very PRO-looking and how rugged and devil-may-care you look. Note also that in the shower after a bit of a lather, the magnificently PRO tan will magically wash away. Avoid the temptation to re-examine yourself in the mirror after the shower. Just keep that initial image in your mind.

Bike & Equipment

When you train in the rain, your bike gets pretty trashed. Resign yourself to that fact, AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER. Avoid looking down at your bike to note the increasing layers of ugly, gritty, dirty road grime accumulating on the surfaces. Avoid thinking about how that grime is getting into the little crevices and nether regions of the very important and very expensive drive train. Avoid thinking about what damage might be occurring to this $2,000 (or $4,000 or $12,000) bike you bought with your hard-earned money. It was your choice to get out onto the dirty road in a driving rain. AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER, All of that grime will just have to wait. Don't think about it while you're riding. Go home after and wash the heck outta your bike. Then maybe do it again just to be sure.

Also, if you're ultra rich and have 2 bikes, ride the lesser of them for training in the rain.


When it's a ride day I train rain or shine or wind (usually) or cold, so I have plenty of experience riding in the rain…and wind and cold, AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER. In my opinion it's just what you do when you're training (rather than joy riding). In fact, in summer a rain day can be a pretty welcomed and refreshing change from the sunny, 100F heat here in Texas. Regardless of the temperature, training in the rain brings special joys and requirements that I wish more cyclists could experience. It is sort of disheartening to be out training in mildly uncomfortable weather and see not a single other cyclist doing the same. AMOXICILLIN OVER THE COUNTER, But then it's kind of a cool affirmation at the same time.

Don't miss out on these joys. When it's time to ride, and the rain and wind are doing their thing, get out and see what you've been missing. Some of my best rides have been in the rain. I'll bet some of yours await there, too. So do it. Maybe tell me about how it went.

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  1. #1 by Bryan at April 18th, 2010

    Nice post. I also considered not riding this morning but headed out to White Rock Lake anyway. I did see 2 or 3 other cyclists but no where near the number if the weather had been nicer.

    I went with the bibs and long sleeve jersey. I stayed pretty warm the entire time but I think I may need to get some shoe covers as my feet started to get chilled about half-way through.

    Even with the on/off again rain/mist and wind it was still a good ride.

    After the ride the bike got an immediate simple green soaking followed by a water hose wash down and then a cloth wipe down. Looks brand new. Much easier to get that taken care of when the grit is still wet than to let it dry.

  2. #2 by Andy at April 18th, 2010

    Thanks Bryan. Good on ya for getting out to ride today. I’m with you on the post-ride wash. Did it after yesterday’s messy ride and then again after today’s sloshfest. This washing thing could get to be a habit.

  3. #3 by Trevor at April 18th, 2011


    Great stuff. I wish I had that kinda discipline, but I let life get in the way.

    Hard enough even in really nice weather.

    How often do you bike?

  4. #4 by JP at April 20th, 2011

    Great stuff that you have posted here. I do hope that you would have a great time training in the rain and that more cyclists and bikers would enjoy the beauty and the experience of training in the rain.

  5. #5 by Dave at April 21st, 2011

    Watch out for lane markings and paint stripes on the road as these can be particularly slippery when they get wet. Fenders or mudguards are a big help when riding in the rain. A lot of the water that gets on you comes from the tires splashing on you. It is surprising how much drier you stay when you add these to your bike if it does not already have them. They also will keep your bike, and more importantly, your chain clean.

  6. #6 by Fat Steve at May 2nd, 2011

    I love the rain!Especially when its just a light drizzle and pour down slowly into your face. Riding in the rain might not be such a bad idea. Would definitely try that. Plus there’s the benefit that it helps us keep our body healthy.And I could use to lose some weight.:)

  7. #7 by Eddy Lopes at August 10th, 2011

    I can’t attest to biking in the rain, but am a huge fan of practicing in the rain. I’m a soccer player myself, and the game certainly changes a bit as the pitch gets wet, and the thinking player has to anticipate how the ball will skip and slide as opposed to a dry field. Plus the added benefit of being able to keep cool while playing, I feel it really extends my endurance!

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