Andy Rutledge

My name is Andy Rutledge and I'm a designer and owner of Unit Interactive, a web design agency in Texas. I'm also an avid road cyclist and I spend 4 to 6 days each week on my bike.

For the most part, I'm just learning how to be a cyclist. I've not yet ridden in any races (but plan to try some crit races this summer) and I am just now getting some decent equipment; allowing me to spend more time on the bike more comfortably. I average190km to 290km/week (120 to 180 miles/week). As a lifelong athlete I know how to suffer and keep going. Cycling is proving to be about the best way to put that into practice and test my resolve on almost a daily basis.

I'm a huge cycling sport fan and get really geeked-out when the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia is going on. Those guys rule.

Unless otherwise noted, I ride a made-in-the-USA Cannondale CAAD9-6. A wonderful bike at a wonderful price.

  1. #1 by Alexander at August 14th, 2009

    Hello Andy,

    so now you have a blog especially for (your) cycling activities?
    I think it is fairly new, isn´t it? I remember commenting your
    “epic ride” story a few months ago.
    Pitily enough i have not much time for riding at the moment for i bought a house with my wife and we already spent the first month in it with a lot of work doing in decorating, furnishing etc. – and what´s more, we have a new dog now, so i think i will turn back to running again, because it is a big dog ( a mixture between a sheperd´s dog an some kind of seldom turkish race..). Running again is not so bad because i did triathlon races fifteen years ago.. I met someone of my age (41) lately and he still does triathlon on a quite professional level. I got quite envious.. ;-)
    But i think to make a blog for our new family member “Nemo”, like Koi Vinh did: http://www.misterpresident.org/

    Could write far more, but time to sleep now (it´s about eleven and i got to get up early tomorrow!)

    Keep running!
    Yours Alex

  2. #2 by Przemek Lach at August 23rd, 2009

    Hi Andy,

    I’m not sure if you remember me from like a year ago. I contacted you about some recommended reading for basic design.

    Anyways, nice to see you ride. I got a good site for you to checkout for bike parts. I’ve built a couple of bike myself through these guys (http://www.ital-tecno.com/). I live in Canada and bikes as well as parts are a rip off up here. The mark-up is usually 3x. I’ve been able to build my bikes for less than half the cost. Hopefully you find some good deals on this site. Most of their stock is for the higher end stuff.

    Happy riding.


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