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I write about firearms, training, and responsible culture

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Condition: Yellow Blog

Raw Training: Multi-target Pistol Drills

Warts, misses, and all. Here I’m just working at 10 yards on a couple of 8" steel plates, doing multi-target drills from concealment with my EDC rig. It’s raw, so plenty of misses and such…

Eagle Gun Range Blog

Endangered Dangerous Men

I am what many people would call a dangerous man. This is because since 1988 I have trained 3 to 7 days a week, as other responsible men do, in the arts, sciences, and techniques of maiming and killing men…

Condition: Yellow Blog

Permanently Suspended From Twitter

Update 2/20/19: I am, at last, permanently banned from Twitter. After my appeal, Twitter informs me that because of my “threat of violence” (against robots?) my account will not be reinstated…


My Training

I handle firearms every day and train with firearms every week
— 2019 Stats —

Practical Training14 Days


Training Days

Precision Training6 Days


Rounds fired in 2019


My Design Work

I am a UX designer for web applications and publication websites
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My Code of Conduct

I created The Academy of Design Professionals and composed and edited the Code of Professional Conduct as a moral alternative to other organizations' codes of conduct.

A Design Professional's Code of Conduct

My Promise:

I maintain, uphold, and adhere to the highest uncompromising standards of professionalism and integrity, as defined in the Academy of Design Professionals Code of Professional Conduct.


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